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Customer Testimonials

Driscoll & Associates Insurance

If you're happy with our services, we'd love it if you would share. Send us your own testimonial.

"Driscoll & Associates helped us curate and establish a medical plan that was best suited for our family. We ended up saving money as a result and were so impressed with the service and care given to us by Kerry and his team."

Sacramento, CA

"Everyone there is always very helpful & whenever I have a concern ,inquiry, or change in policy it’s delt with quickly & efficiently."

Lakewood, CA

"These guys are awesome! Super responsive, super easy to work with, and they go out of their way to find you insurance that makes sense for you and your family. Highly recommend them!"

Huntington Beach, CA

"Thank you all for being so responsive and helpful. I appreciate it! Best Regards."

Tracy M.
Huntington Beach, CA

"We are very appreciative of the excellent service we have had over the years we have been with you and your staff. Every time we have had a question it has been answered in real time. Many times we have asked for your advice and you are always willing to help. Thank you for being there for us."

Aggie & Gary S.
Long Beach, CA

"Great service Quick response on Cert’s Amanda is the best."

Reiner K.
Long Beach, CA

"Great customer service."

Jeff D.
San Diego, CA

"Krista is a great agent, she is helpful and easy to talk to. A definite plus for your company."

Robert J.
Long Beach, CA

"Krista Murr is the best! She knows her stuff and is very responsive to clients. Excellent customer service. We are very happy with Driscoll and especially with Krista."

Nicole K.
Long Beach, CA

"Thank you for your thank you Kerry, we love doing business with you and feel very confident in your excellent service. :)"

Gary & Aggie
Long Beach, CA

"When I needed a quick insurance that was trusted I came to Kerry and received prompt and professional help in our needs. Property insurance as well as company assets covered with trusted results."

Mike F.
Corona, CA

"The personal attention from Kerry and his staff is very much appreciated."

Shirlee B.
Long Beach, CA

"Kerry and Krista have provided me excellent quick answers, support, and service for many many years!!!"

Nelson G.
San Diego, CA

"Great response to questions. Terrific service. Krista is on top of my account and she is very responsive."

Bradley F.
Huntington Beach, CA

"Kerry, Krista & Shannon are very helpful and informative."

Theresa B.
Long Beach, CA

"Always available to answer questions. No problem getting in touch with Kerry & Krista."

Vivian M.
Long Beach, CA

"Kerry & Krista always get back to me so quickly! I really appreciate that!"

Carolyn M.
Long Beach, CA

"They do thorough research to find the best insurance carriers at the best price! They are very responsive."

Lori D.
Long Beach, CA

"Grade A…..local agency, strong family name in business for many years."

Shawn & Robin L.
Long Beach, California

"You helped me when I really needed help. I also really like talking to the same person rather than an anonymous, everchanging set of agents."

Tracy B.
Fallbrook, CA

"Ryan was very knowledgable. He was able to take care of everything that I needed in a timely manner. He gave me the best quote in terms of price and coverage for my home and auto."

Petra P.
Signal Hill, CA

"The prompt response of the employees whenever I have a question or concern."

Tonya B.
Long Beach, California

"I have been with Driscoll &Associates for years. I have always found them helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. Thanks Ryan!!"

John C.
Long Beach, CA

"Ryan is very professional, genuine, and honest and we go to him for all of our insurance needs. Ryan delivers the best service and has always been upfront and honest with us. What we love about him the most is that we can always check in and get a quote with him and he is never pushy, just informative. When discussing our options he makes us feel comfortable and lets us make our own decision with a bit of advice and guidance. If we ever need to meet with him in person, he is always willing to make time for us and meet with us face to face."

Diane & Richard C.
Long Beach, CA

"Thanks for the continued great service, Mike must be proud! We’ve been with you for 50 years I think."

David C.
Long Beach, California

"Driscoll & Associates has gone above and beyond my expectations by providing me with options to improve my insurance coverage and opportunities to reduce the fees I pay to obtain such coverage."

Robert W.
Long Beach, CA

"Reliable, answers questions & always available by phone."

John S.
Long Beach, California

"Ryan was fantastic to work with and made the normally painful process of procuring insurance extremely simple, and put us at ease that we were getting the best policy and price possible."

Jeff C.
Huntington Beach, CA

"Good access – prompt service."

James M.
Long Beach, California

"Helpful. Less of a hassle."

Christi & Kevin M.
Costa Mesa, California

"Available agents. Quick answers to complex questions."

Stephen I.
Pasadena, California

"Professionalism & promptness to Inquiries."

Silvia K.
Long Beach, California

"Honest and very helpful for all my years with Mike. Krista is also very helpful and knowledgeable. I feel no one can go wrong with your agency."

Candy K.
Palm Desert, California

"I love knowing that our insurance is in there hands, always feel taken care of and looked after, hard to come by. We work with Ryan directly and he has been a pleasure to work with, couldn’t even think of switching."

Steve & Shannon S.
Pasadena, CA

"Thank you Krista for always being helpful when I have questions. I have submitted a claim before and I was beyond pleased with the service and care provided by Krista. I will definitely be a long term customer. Once again, thank you and your staff."

Cintia H.
Rialto, California

"Ryan is the primary reason I am a client/customer/friend. I realize this is a business relationship, therefore the client/customer identifier, but I also feel as if Ryan is a friend. I feel extremely comfortable talking to him about my insurance needs, but also things going on in my personal life (relationships, vacations, new condo, etc). That’s a pretty new type of relationship I’ve ever had with my insurance agent, and I like the comfort and ease of dealing with insurance related issues with Ryan. Ryan ALWAYS returned my phone calls and if he says he needs to research something and get back to me, he always does. In fact, once Ryan called me out of the blue because he found another insurance plan that would save me a few bucks a month. He did this on his own ~ I did not request the information or ask him to find me a better deal. The man has excellent personal & customer service skills and it is a pleasure to do business with him."

Paul M.
Lake Forest, CA

"Ryan and his team truly make navigating the insurance landscape a breeze. With a wealth of knowledge, experience, and unparalleled professionalism I rest assured that I’m receiving the absolute best execution regardless the type of policy. From auto to umbrella the crew at Driscoll take all the frustration and anxiety out of what can otherwise be a daunting task."

Brady K.
Costa Mesa, CA

"Kerry and his office staff have been very professional & responsive to our needs. We shopped before choosing Driscoll & Assoc. as our representatives."

Sandy R.
Long Beach, California

"I went in to the Long Beach office to better understand how I could improve my existing coverage that fell short of expectations after my daughter was involved in a car accident. I had done my own online
policy for the lowest price and learned that protecting my assets and coverage for others drivers at fault was lacking with my current policy. Ryan took the time to explain and he educated me to be better prepared and insured for all my vehicles and more importantly my daughter. This has improved my peace of mind and confidence that all my vehicles and family are protected and insured properly!"

Gene G.
Cypress, CA

"Driscoll is our go to Insurance Agency. Kerry is very responsive to all inquiries. Grade A."

Lloyd R.
Newport Beach, CA

"Ryan and Candice have always been there for us and our children We have car insurance andnow mortgage insurance. Every time we come to a bump they are there 100 % and resolve our issue. Always willing to go the extra mile for us. Thank you so much for all your help."

Haydee M.
Long Beach, CA

"Ryan and his team are super friendly, helpful, and quick to respond! I know I can trust them to get me the best rates and strategize with me on how I can improve my coverage/ lower my rates. They are hard workers and I recommend them to all of my friends and colleagues!"

Rachael S.
San Diego, CA

"Working with Ryan and the staff at Driscoll & Associates is very easy and seamless. Everyone there is very kind and helpful and I couldn’t
recommend them more."

Ante M.
Long Beach, CA


Nelson K.
Signal Hill, California

"Thanks for all the help over the years! We couldn’t have done it without you!"

John H.
Long Beach, California

"We are very pleased with the staff at Driscoll Insurance. Kerry Driscoll has always been available when needed, always returns phone calls promptly and does his best to get us the best rates available. Thank You."

Alan & Rosa H.
Long Beach, California

"I really appreciate everything. You have me for life."

Joseph B.
Huntington Beach, California

"Your office staff is easy to reach when needed. Long time client."

Kathy C.
Long Beach, California

"A Rated. Personal attention to all our properties, residential and commercial."

Jack I.
Long Beach, California

"Prompt response to questions/issues. Nice people."

Devon E.
La Jolla, California

"Kerry, thank you so much.
It’s always a great pleasure doing business with you and Krista, you’re both great.
Myself and my whole family have our insurance needs in your hands.
Keep up the great work."

Giacomo M.
Torrance, California

"I just can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me over the past 8 years. You have taken care of my every need and made me feel like the only customer you had. You were never to busy to talk to me and were always expedient with any request or inquiry that I had. This level of customer service is, unfortunately, hard to come by these days. It has always been a refreshing pleasure doing business with you. I hate that our relationship has to end. I hope the next agent takes as good of care for me as you did…..but I doubt it."

Guerin H.

"Kerry is the Best!"

Greg & Kelly D.
Long Beach, California

"Your new site looks great!"

Barritt N.
San Diego, California

"Personal Service….Krista Murr is Great!"

Mark M.
Long Beach, California

"Prompt response, thoroughness!"

Sandra S.
Hesperia, California

"What do I like about doing business with Driscoll & Associates? Everything!"

Dale & Sandra P.
Coto De Caza, California

"The availability and clear explanations given whenever I decide to inquire about my policy."

Ingra W.
Long Beach, California

"Competent & Responsive."

Thomas Z.
Long Beach, California

"The availability of my agent Kerry, grade A."

Sonia C.
Long Beach, California

"You guy’s are completely hassel free – no worries. I can do everything over the phone and you have very low rates. I’m totally satisfied."

Paul K.
Huntington Beach, California

"Easy to reach…always available."

Marivel J.
Long Beach, California

"Your claims department was very efficient and helpful."

Richard C.
Upland, California

"Driscoll & Associates insurance saved us over 50% on our Employed Lawyers Professional Liability renewal along with more coverage and a lower deductible. Service is Great! They return calls and process request promptly and find the best insurance for our needs."

Frances A. E.
Los Angeles, California

"My first contact with Driscoll and Associates was in March 2007 about securing insurance for a community fundraiser my company was organizing. Our event was complicated by both time restraints and an extreme sports element. With just three weeks prior to the date of the event, our company was still searching for event insurance.

Driscoll and Associates understood our challenge and within a short time, they contacted the city of Los Angeles to gather permit requirements. They compiled information about the various elements of our motocross exhibition and as a result, gathered multiple insurance quotes. Most importantly they were accessible to answer our questions and provide emails, faxes and phone calls at the most crucial times.

To anyone planning a special event that requires exceptional attention with insurance coverage, you couldn’t find anyone better than Driscoll and Associates. I recommend them highly."

John M.
Manhattan Beach, California

"Very Thorough!, grade A"

Jim M.
Long Beach, California

"Service & Trojan owned!, grade A"

Jon & Rebecca R.
Irvine, California

"Krista, Thank you very much for helping me resolve my claim. I would have still been stuck with the dead-end lawyer if it wasn’t for you. Your help has put an ease to my stress and I can finally move on from this accident. My family and I greatly appreciate you helping us out."

Lisette A.
Compton, California

"Krista, You have become my friend and my insurance agent, who I would be lost without!"

Long Beach, California

"Krista, Just a short note to thank you for adjusting my Auto Premium."

Dorothea-Ann R.
Long Beach, California

"Krista, Just wanted you to know that I appreciate all your hard work. I’m sorry for all the changes. Thanks again."

Debbie C.
Long Beach, California

"Krista, Thank you for helping me reduce the cost of my insurance. They should have you on the KROQ commercials for great insurance rates. Thank you once again."

Lisette A.
Long Beach, California

"I very much appreciate you guys! You have always assisted me with any business issue I’ve had over the last 7 years!"

Diane G.
Long Beach, California

"I have appreciated all of the assistance you’ve provided me over the years and ideally wouldn’t have wanted to make any changes, as I was extremely satisfied with both your customer service and Mercury’s."

Karen M.
Long Beach, California

"Always available – always helpful. Grade A."

Laura S.
Signal Hill, California

"Thanks for taking good care of us! You are awesome!"

Victoria & John T.
Long Beach, California

"Personal relationship with Kerry Driscoll. Easy, hassle free. Trust."

Grant B.
Newport Beach, California

"Our Agent Carleen “What-A-Gal” Armstrong. Grade A."

Kenny W.
Long Beach, California

"Accessible, trustworthy."

Nicole K.
Long Beach, California

"Trustworthy, efficient and well informed."

Jean Ann L.
Long Beach, California

"Always ready to answer questions and explain. Krista is great!"

Sally Cannon B.
Long Beach, California

"The Ease of doing business for all my insurance needs."

Veronica S.
Burbank, California

"I’ve never had insurance anywhere else."

Shirley P.
Long Beach, California

"Good Response time."

Beverly B.
San Francisco, California

"Trust and Confidence in Driscoll & Associates"

Neal T.
Long Beach, California

"We like the straight fowardness, no fuss. Thank you for all your help"

Alan & Rosa H.
Long Beach, California

"Location and easy to reach my agent or someone in the office. Responsive to questions/problems. Darlyne was particularly helpful in the past."

Janet W.
Long Beach, California

"Appreciate your assistance and very glad I have stayed with Driscoll & Associates Insurance all these years. You have all taken great care of my needs and hope to be with you for more."

Chet S.
Newport Beach, California

"Thank you so much Darlyne, for all that you do! We appreciate your dedication!"

The Colonnas
Long Beach, California

"You guys are great. I love the long relationships that we have had and you always take really good care of my needs. Thank you."

Steve H.
Moorpark, California

"I’ve been using these guys for years for my auto and motorycycle insurance. My rates are great and the staff over there make it even better, especially Krista. She’s the bomb. Whenever I call it’s like making a call to a friendly happy family. First name basis sort of thing, not some massive call center, no pre-recorded messages that my call is being monitored, press 1 for this, 2 for that and other such annoyances. It’s the small things sometimes that make all the difference. The things we sometimes forget we no longer have and when you find them again you hang on to dear life to not let go again.
Thanks Driscoll!"

Dave E.
Los Angeles, California

"Darlyne, You have always been so helpful and certainly you and Mike are part of the circle of professionals we enjoy surrounding ourselves with."

Craig E.
San Diego, California

"Attentive to our needs."

Jeff D.
Lakewood, California

"I need to compliment your staff, very efficient operation."

Joe M.
Long Beach, California

"Darlyne, you have been wonderful, thank you!!!"

Long Beach, California

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and promptness. I appreciate what you’ve done for me and my son. Looking forward to years of business with you!"

Yvonne O.
Chino Hills, California

"Awesome! Your customer service is top notch!!!"

Carol V.
Seal Beach, California

"You’re fast service to insurance requests. Your service is 100%."

Melquiades R.
Moreno Valley, California

"I’m so happy with your service and my agent. Darlyne is a great person, very helpful, knowledgeable and always trying to help. Will not change insurance for anything."

Norma R.
Long Beach, California

"I’d like to thank you for all your help, working with you and Driscoll has been enjoyable and stress free. You guys did a wonderful job and if I’m ever in the market for auto insurance in SoCal again I’ll be looking you up."

Andrew Z.
Long Beach, California

"Your wonderful!!!! Sorry for the hassle although you did a great job. And tell your boss that everyone there is so nice and professional and wonderful to work with in the business. A refreshing change."

Carol V.
Rancho Palos Verdes, California

"Excellent work. Thank you so much for you diligence on this."

John J.
Los Angeles, California

"I have to say this is the easiest COI I have ever gotten. This was
a wonderful experience!"

Christine D.

"Thanks for your prompt response. As always, you are tops when it
comes to customer support."

Kirk B.
Long Beach, California

"Dealing with Kerry!!"

Rich D.
Long Beach, California

"You have an amazing team and I have always enjoyed doing business with your family."

Michael K.
Long Beach, California

"Easy, simple, great service and great prices."

Giacomo M.
Torrance, California

"Grade A. Quick response and quality service. Last year we needed assistance with locating a company to help us lower our Xmod. Kerry went above and beyond to vet companies, set up appointments and make recommendations. We are very happy with the services of the company we selected."

Tonya B.
Long Beach, CA

"Kerry’s timely response to inquiries. Professional. Courteous. Grade A."

Bill B.
Calistoga, CA

"Kerry & his staff are readily available and quick to respond."

Jeff D. D.
Lakewood, CA

Driscoll & Associates Insurance Services, Inc

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